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FAA Satellite Navigation Office
The Sigler & Associates team currently supports the FAA's Satellite Navigation Office providing systems engineering, program management and aquisition support services. Sigler & Associate principals supported the development and deployment of the WAAS Initial Operation Capability (IOC) System and are actively supporting the acquisition, development, system engineering/technical analysis, and program management for the planned upgrades to the operational WAAS System. Support to the FAA extends into participation in the Navigation Service business plan development, including program support roles in process re-engineering and systems engineering.

Thuraya Mobile
Principals of Sigler & Associates were instrumental in the successful development of Thuraya's Mobile Satelllite System. Our support encompassed participation on-site with the prime development contractor and at Thuraya's facilities in the United Arab Emirates. Key functions included systems engineering, analysis and assessment of the proposed design, participation in development teams, and ongoing dialogues with senior contractor and Thuraya management.

Sigler & Associate principals were essential in the transformation of the eCogNito concept into an operational system, employing a broad range of skills. Key client support included the development of operational concepts, system architecture, system requirements, development management, site construction/installation, testing, 3rd party integration and operational deployment. Key personnel also assisted eCogNito management with the creation of internal business procedures, including commercial and consumer customer service processes.

Hitachi Data Systems/Edward Jones
Sigler & Associates principals performed detailed modeling/simulation of Edward Jone's nationwide VSAT Network. The developed high-fidelity model was used for utilization optimization, network growth projections and failure analysis.

Verizon (Bell Atlantic)
Sigler & Associates principals provided significant modeling and simulation expertise to Bell Atlantic in development of its Pentagon Renovation Proposal. Our team modeled proposed telecommunications infrastructure upgrades for network backbone, servers and routing protocols.

Sigler & Associates principals performed requirements analysis, design, and implementation of ITU/T conformant network timing management agent for fiber based telecommunications.

Saudi Telephone Company
Our staff successfully supported the development and improvement of business processes for the Saudi Telephone Company (STC). The major focus of this project was to develop a “world-class” switch administration capability to support the transition from a government ministry to an equity-ownership company. Using UML, a prototype engineering, provisioning and management capability was created using local resources.  

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