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Home Expertise About Us Contact Us Domains Our collective skills span a broad spectrum of telecommunications activities. We are experienced in the design, development and operations of telephony networks, mobile voice and data communications systems (satellite and terrestrial), network management, billing systems and tariff generation. We have a working knowledge of many industry standard and specialized communications protocols.

Satellite Communications
Sigler and Associates staff have amassed extensive esperience in satellite communication system design, development, integration, test, and operation. Prior projects include commercial broadcast, point-to-point, and VSAT applications. Our principals have been instrumental in the development of the satellite land mobile industry, including the American Mobile Satellite, Iridium, Asian Cellular Satellite and Thuraya Mobile communications systems. We have also been engaged in numerous military and intelligence programs, including MilStar, DCSC, and classified programs.

Modeling and Simulation
Our consulting staff has developed strong expertise with modeling and simulation, particularly in area of communications networks. Using OPNET, we have developed detailed models that simulate VSAT networks, complex enterprise networks, custom protocols, land mobile communications, and tactical communication networks.

Network Design
Complimentary to our modeling and simulation capabilities, our staff has skill in the architecture and design of data networks. Understanding out client's desires for an optimum combination of capabilities, performance, cost and network resilience, our team is able to design and develop enterprise networks which exceed requirements while remaining within budget.

Business Process Re-engineering
Our staff is experienced in providing our clients the capability to improved business performance through the application of effective process innovation and change. These improvements are founded on development of a business vision, identification of key processes and metrics, leveraging existing IT capabilities and development of prototype business environments. We frequently employ UML technology as the basis for development of use cases that identify key processes. UML activity methods also used to document the means by which processes are implemented and to establish use of existing IT method.

Information Security and Privacy
Through involvement in Government and commerical programs, our staff has gained essential experience in the areas of information security and privacy. An exanple is the eCogNito system in which we developed a novel application of Public Key encryption for a multi-layered server architecture coupled with web-based client-server applications.
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